Saturday, October 15, 2011

A bit busy

Yeah... So I know I havent really been posting anything lately and thats because I've been kinda of sick/busy for the past few weeks. I haven't even opened TS3 in awhile. I figured I'd wait until Pets come out before I do... I am super excited about it. I am however not looking forward to updating all my cc/mods. I was thinking of trying the game out nude except for store content... Idk

Anywho, im going back to bed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cortland Apartments

Cortland Apartment

Lot Size: 40x40
Unfurnished: $16,624

This apartment building is 4 stories high featuring an on site playground and a rooftop swimming pool. Each apartment has it's own seperate balcony. Apartment features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, small laundry closet, livingroom, diningroom. Third floor Apartment ready for move in...

The Breezeway

The Breezeway

Lot Size: 30x30
Furnished: $168,068
Unfurnished: $46,198

The Breezeway features an open floor plan. This house opens up to a long entry way leading to Bedroom 1, Full Bath, Laundry Room and Kitchen to the rear. Dual Livingroom and Diningroom both leading to opposite side decks (breezeway). Open corner Office/Den leading off into Master suite and Guest suite which include there own private bathroom. Rear deck leads to ground pool and rooftop entertainment

Celebrating 800+ members at Cstyles

I know I haven't been posting alot lately but I've been spending alot of my time at Cstyles. We recently hit 800+ members so we celebrated with an Exclusive Members Appreciation Pack.

Click the above link to view creations by our wonderful creators

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shawn Meeks *adult*

Shawn Has finally aged up and I must say I love her look. Just a little pic spam to get you excited ....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shawn Meeks *teen*

I've been on a roll lately with my Sims, Hopefully this continues. So I bring to you a little preview on my next project. This little darling is Shawn Meeks, She was originally an adult but I decided to age her down and smarten her up skill wise for my game. Anyhow, here she is.....
In game shots

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New feature

I'm trying out this new feature on my iphone where I can text my post for the day which is kinda cool... Lol so this is a lil test.
On another note...
I am really exhausted right now. *yawns* After a 5 hour drive, that usually takes 3 1/2 hours, I lifted box after box after box all the way to the 3rd floor. Today same thing *sighs* Surprisingly I haven't thought about TS3 all day :) to busy back and forth to my storage. Bad news is Verizon is still on strike so I am without internet. Can you believe they gave me an installation date of December 23? Thats absolutely absurd!!! Really, how much work is it to press a little button and get my darn service started?!?! IDK.. I was thinking about going with my local cable company because they offer phone internet and cable... *SMH* but apparently the previous owners of my apartment owed some money on there bill so they want me to bring ID and my lease to them to verify I am not the rat bastard that stopped payin their bill *shrugs* I just cant wait for this to be over because on top of all that other jazz I nee to enroll my son into a new elementary so the bus can pick him up AND my battery blew 3 weeks ago so I have to keep it plugged into the wall. IDK I'll keep you guys informed...